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Flinders University, Australia

Flinders University Graduate Application

Master of Psychology (Clinical)

Content of Employment (except Research)

Please describe the content of any paid employment which you have listed above and which involved activities in the area of psychology. Do not attach additional sheets, nor enlarge box.

Research Activities.

Please indicate any research activities (other than theses/dissertations) in which you have been involved. (Publications can be listed in a later section.) Do not attach additional sheets nor enlarge box.

Please describe other kinds of experience which you consider to be relevant, such as voluntary work. In each case, please indicate how long you have been/were involved in the activity and estimate your hours per week of involvement. Do not attach additional sheets nor enlarge box.

Please indicate areas of clinical psychology in which you have a particular interest and where you might seek employment. Do not attach additional sheets nor enlarge box.

Outline your reasons for applying for this postgraduate course. Do not attach additional sheets nor enlarge box.

Please list any publications which you have produced (do not enlarge box but attach extra sheets if necessary).

Research Proposal.

Attach a research proposal, approximately 500 words in length, which details the problem, hypothesis or question that you will examine, and the methodology or approach that you will use and the anticipated resources required for the research project to be viable. You are strongly advised to prepare your research proposal in consultation with a potential supervisor.

SoP Rewriting Charges for 500 words: Rs. 12500

The above charges are applicable when you provide drafts; charges for additional services

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