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You have a dream to achieve an exceptional goal. You have a goal that is ambitious. You are willing to work hard to reach your goal. You are willing to work smart to reach your goal.

You understand that your essays, SoPs, recos and resume are important documents whose quality will make a definite difference to your present and possibly a great difference to your future. Well, that is exactly the kind of person we want to work with at EssayLABB. So, welcome to the club!

EssayLABB is Indiaís best and one of the world's leading - essay writing services, founded by India's leading MBA consultant Prince Peter in 2001. We are biographers, essayists, researchers, interviewers, marketers and profilers - all rolled into one. We take on each of these roles when we create essays, SoPs, recos and other documents that support your application.

EssayLABB is also probably the only full-support essay/SoP development service in the world - we do not stop with offering advice and guidance to developing essays/SoPs but actually create essays/SoPs for you that will impress the university admission committee.

What makes EssayLABB truly exceptional is not that we write great stuff (we do) or that we are all Ivy League graduates (we are not), or that we have a great vocabulary. The magic is quite simply that we can hold a mirror to you - we understand you fully as a student, professional and person, and then sculpt essays/SoPs that express your perspectives. This has made it possible for EssayLABB to achieve almost unbelievable results and win itís clients admission to most B-Schools and leading universities in USA, UK, Australia, Europe, Canada and Asia. It has also won us the respect, friendship and gratitude of hundreds of clients, and also tons of adulatory client comments.

At EssayLABB we take our work very seriously - we understand that you have entrusted us with a part of your dream. We are not only very skilled but also completely committed to our profession. We enjoy the entire process of essay/SoP creation - and you will too, if you enjoy the intellectual stimulation and challenge of producing the best work possible, competing with a tough field of peers. And we enjoy the fact that we are actually helping build a dream - and you will too, it's your dream. Our privacy policy also guarantees you an additional comfort level when working with us.

Even before you contact us, it might be a good idea to read each of the essay questions carefully and identify points that might support your essay. Look for perspectives, events and outlooks that might be uniquely yours, and write down your thoughts in the form of a rough essay or as bullet points to be expanded on later. Once that is done it is time to reach us at EssayLABB!

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